The Camões, I.P. is the Portuguese institution responsible for a global network of language and culture. Its mission is fulfilled in the area of linguistic and cultural teaching , teacher training, research, and promotion of Portuguese over 82 countries. Its action is developed in close collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other ministerial entities, as well as education departments, and associations of Portuguese abroad. It is structured in 11 teaching Coordinations all over the world, as it promotes the learning of Portuguese language and culture among children and young adults in 17 countries, mostly within the communities of Portuguese in countries outside Portugal.

In Namibia, the Camões I.P. network consists of a Deputy Coordinator for Education, who is also responsible for the Portuguese Language Centre Diogo Cão, and the Portuguese Language Centre at the University of Namibia, both in Windhoek.

In 2012, on request of the Namibian Government, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Governments of Lisbon andWindhoek, on the adoption of Portuguese as  a curricular option in the Namibian education system. At that time the project was implemented in nine schools for a total of 371 students. Currently, 21 schools and 1616 students are learning Portuguese. In addition to the Memorandum of understanding signed between the Namibian Government and the Portuguese Government, there are other ongoing projects that demonstrate the importance of the Portuguese language to Namibians: cooperation Protocol with the police and the teaching of Portuguese for employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, since Namibia is an observer member of the CPLP. It is an innovative project based on the training of Namibian teachers in Portuguese language, who completed their training and are subsequently hired by the Namibian Ministry of Education to teach Portuguese in Namibian schools.

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