Created by Law nº 66-A / 2007 of 11 December, as amended and republished by Law nº 29/2015 of 16 April, the Council of the Portuguese Communities (CPC) is the advisory body to the Government relating to the policies emigration and Portuguese communities abroad.

Responsability of CPC:

  • Issue opinions, on request of the Government or the Parliament, on projects and draft laws and other draft legislative and administrative acts, as well as community or international regulatory agreements relating to the Portuguese communities living abroad;
  • Appraising issues made by the Regional Governments of the Azores and Madeira relating to Portuguese communities from those autonomous regions;
  • Produce information and express opinions on its own initiative, on all matters respecting the Portuguese living abroad and development of the Portuguese presence in the world, and lead them to the Government member responsible for the areas of emigration and Portuguese communities;
  • Make proposals and recommendations on the objectives and implementation of policy principles for Portuguese communities.

Composition of the CPC

The CPC consists of a maximum of 80 members elected by the Portuguese citizens living abroad who are voters for the National Assembly. The mandate of the board members lasts for four years.

Council Organization

The Council works in plenary, on permanent council, in thematic commissions, in regional councils, into sections and subsections. Make the Plenary Council the 80 elected members. The Council normally meets in plenary session, once a term, and extraordinarily when, for particularly important reasons, justified.

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